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Four Brothers

, Music, Culture, Art, LifestyleJeremy Hodges
Four Brothers


If you combine the love of 4 Mexican brothers, the rich culture of Chicago, with the influence of a mariachi performer, you come out with the unorthodox, artistic rock group Avantist.

A group on the rise and taking no prisoners to gain the crown.  On the brink of a breakthrough, they have been perfecting their brand while melding rock, nostalgia, with spine tingling vocals for a mind-blowing mix, one that captures the mood of the youth in every song.   

We had the honor to sit with this progressive group to discuss their future.  

Can you give us a brief history of how you got started?

It actually started after some intense rock band sessions. Being brothers we grew up doing everything together so this was just another video game to geek out on. We used to blast our surround sound system and move around and act like we were performing and all the while we had instruments in the basement. We just decided one day that we could be doing this for real.


Being Mexican and trying to break into the rock scene. Have you seen any barriers or has your fans not even cared?

It’s very easy for us to be accepted by everyone and every scene. We have slowly implemented ourselves in a good amount of the Chicago rock scene and have gotten the same kind of excitement and enthusiasm all across the board. There have been times where we have felt that we have been overlooked because of our unique sound; sometimes people don't want to accept a genre-less band. We think this is the year that it all changes.


You just headline your first tour. How did that get started and how did it feel?

Our management approached us for an opportunity to tour and we felt like it was the perfect time to capitalize on our momentum. Touring has been long overdue so we were more than ready to tackle this experience. It’s great to get the same types of reactions in other states like we do here in Chicago. Feeling that, really strengthens our drive to continue.

What’s next?

The sky is the limit for us. We’re working on multiple follow up tours (some out of the country) as well as working on new material.