"WORKING TOGETHER" by Leroy Campbell

Richard Beavers Gallery Presents “Working Together” By Leroy Campbell

Community. The Black Community.

On November 17, 2018, the Richard Beavers Gallery will welcome its long awaited exhibit entitled “Working Together” with renowned African-American artist, Leroy Campbell. He is known for his paintings, which include silhouetted figures with elongated necked and faceless features coupled with collages of afro-centric periodicals, instantly resonating with the viewer from a Black experience perspective, which is indeed American history.


During a time of political chaos and propaganda, art is the loud voice of many frustrated and marginalized people of color in communities from coast to coast from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to Oakland, California. Rather than channeling energy into the negative aspects of society, the purpose of this exhibit is to remind the Black community of our strong, historic roots of working together as a collective ecosystem and uplifting each other on all levels from family to enterprise.

Born with a severe birth detect of missing fingers and toes due to a medicine that was unethically tested on women, globally, in the 1950’s, Campbell has overcome adversity, using these circumstances as fuel to create powerful art with intentional messaging.

“Working together in the Black community has been second nature for me. I have been doing it all my life. I will not give racism nor segregation the credit for that. The love, laughter, extended families, food, rhythms, music, beauty, spirit, and economic support have been life sustaining for me. I need the Black community to thrive so that I may continue to thrive. I am encouraged when I see Black people do well. I take the Black community with me all over the World. It makes it easy for me to walk freely and with purpose. This ongoing body of work has been created to encourage Black people to take advantage of the personal growth and self-empowering benefits they can receive when working together in the Black community. I love being Black, I just hate what happens to us,” says Campbell.


The Richard Beavers Gallery welcomes the support of the “entire” community as it unveils the highly anticipated exhibit, “Working Together," which features 15 new original works by Leroy Campbell:

Exhibition Dates:

November 17, 2018 – January 5, 2019

Opening Reception:

November 17, 2018 


Art Talk:

November 18, 2018 



408 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11216

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About Richard Beavers Gallery 

Richard Beavers Gallery, established in 2007, is a contemporary fine art gallery. Our collection primarily consists of artists whose work depicts various aspects of life in an urban environment through a multitude of genres. The artwork is inspired by the culture of these communities and addresses the many social and political issues in the forefront of society. The Richard Beavers Gallery aims to educate, inspire, and stir consciousness - whether you are a seasoned collector, art appreciator, or merely have an interest in art, alike.

About Leroy Campbell 

A southern man with a city spirit, Leroy Campbell is a master gardener, painter, storyteller, and lover of souls, Leroy Campbell paints a beautiful hope for humanity through his art and through his words. Clients include Carmelo Anthony, Samuel Jackson, Terry McMillian, and Tom Joyner, just to name a few. In telling the stories he knows best, he is offering the wisdom and lessons of the elders as a gift to us all. As part of the human experience, we are all searching for our place in the garden, our purpose, our connection, our significance in this world. Those stories are the most powerful gifts in the universe as they provide a sense of self and a foundation of wisdom based on patience, love, and discernment. Campbell’s vision is of a healthy garden, where each is whole, liberated and validated, where people are free to love who they are and in turn nurture others around them.

Leroy Campbell’s paintings, infused with history, tie the past to the present in the practice of Sankofa, the understanding that you can’t move forward until you receive the lessons of the past. The vulnerability of his art, his soul, his ability to tell a story through the use of acrylic, paper, tapestries, and organic materials, creates an opportunity for conversation, for something real, for the human connection that we are all desperately seeking.