Above image source:  Instagram @hommydiaz

A veteran of the footwear business, Hommy Diaz's vast knowledge and contacts means he's the best person to talk to about the state of the industry. But we were more interested in his work at K-Swiss.

We spoke to K-Swiss’s Sr. Designer to learn more about the brand's latest collaborations and future endeavors.

VOYD: What were you doing before working as the Sr. Designer for K-Swiss?

Hommy: I was the Global Product Director at Palladium Boots

Image source:  Instagram  @hommydiaz

Image source:  Instagram @hommydiaz

VOYD: When you started with K-Swiss, how did you plan to merge K-Swiss’s history with the current trends and the aesthetics of today?

Hommy: K-Swiss is the premier ‘American Heritage Tennis Brand,’ and we continue to find inspiration in that space. Tennis is an affluent sport.  There has been and will continue to be plenty of wealth talk in between the swing of tennis racquets at the country clubs.  It was a natural fit to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and tennis. This inspired us to carve our own lane to outfit the next generation of young entrepreneurs. This has allowed us to reintroduce the Classic K-Swiss silhouettes along with several new modern designs.    

VOYD: What does your design process generally consist of? Do you look at materials or do you go in with a vision of each collection/sneaker?

Hommy: My initial approach begins by identifying the ‘5 C’s’; Content, Context, and the Conversation within a Culture to then Create. This exercise usually leads me to the direction of color, materials and the choice of a footwear model(s).  


Image source:  Instagram @hommydiaz

VOYD: What collection are you the proudest of thus far?

Hommy: From a team perspective, we are collectively proud of the GaryVee series we have produced. And we have more in the works!

VOYD: What’s next for you?

Hommy: Practice, more practice of the ‘5 C’s’! It allows me to design with a purpose in all while solidifying the intent and positioning of the marketing execution.