Rappers Aren’t Heroes Anymore

Rappers Aren’t Heroes Anymore

Recently while listening to a new artist album, which I doubt I will officially review, a thought regularly ran through my mind. Rappers aren’t Heroes anymore. They aren’t the stand-up men that commanded respect and were revered in every aspect of the word. They seem to lack a specific moral fabric and seem unconscious of the world they live in and have no regard for the people that care about them. There appears to be no strength, no recognition of the power and no desire to be a person to admire and pattern yourself after genuinely.

That would lead me to dissect and analyze the “why” of this glaring present-day fact. What I came up with was we allow entirely too much fuck shit to go on under the act of “but he/she makes good music” and that is disappointing and has to stop.

Look at the pure madness that has taken place over the last 10 or more years.

  • We let rappers implicate or blatantly say they will rape a woman

  • We watch a rapper kick a woman in the chest

  • We watched a rapper stomp a girl out in a living room

  • We watched a rapper stomp a girl out by an elevator

  • We watch a rapper repeatedly get charged for sexual assault

  • We let rappers “troll” and put lives in danger

  • We support rappers worshiping money

  • We support rappers who say they aren’t rappers and this is just a hustle

  • We watch rappers slander the mentally ill and suicidal

  • We watched rappers double down on not snitching no matter what the crime

  • We watched rappers cape and supported a man who sexually abuses minors

  • We watched rappers side with the most hated figure in America for cross promotion

All of this happens, yet we rush to our favorite platforms and keep their streams up and their pockets fat. I can’t lie, I feel, and I’m over it. Moving forward I’m not listening to or giving light and energy to any of these fuck-heads that are doing fuck shit so they can be famous and continue not giving a fuck.

I’m over the days of the “Like” the “Stream” and “Attention” reigning supreme over “Respect” “Morals” and “Discipline.” Yeah, everybody needs a way out of their hood or a toxic, hostile environment, but it’s a right and a wrong way to do everything. We got to stop assisting in supporting the wrong way.

I’m not concerned with looking like a hater because I don’t want to walk around as a black man in America that’s condoning an ungodly amount of sucka shit because of “good music” which at the end of the day is subjective. It’s time out for all of this foolishness. We won’t survive as a culture or as a society if we continue to let the above slide and other nonsense I didn’t name, get a pass. Let’s move into 2019 being about honor, respect, and great art. Let’s be more than alike, view or a stream. Let’s have something to say and do when the light is on us. Let’s get off that bullshit and progress. Are we trying to be a vibrant, prosperous and wealthy culture or nah?

I want the rappers that I listen to, to be superheroes again. I want them to be public figures that I don’t have to justify or cop pleas for them. I want them to value their position in society and their opportunity in the game. I don’t want perfection, but I would like to speak highly of artist that I support in any environment. The gift and curse of the Internet are we get to see our favorite artist being who they want to be and who they indeed are. We have to start showing them how that will affect them positively or negatively in the future.