Sevdaliza's Experimental Pop

Sevdaliza's Experimental Pop

32 year old Sevdaliza is an Iranian-born and Netherlands-raised artist having lived the life of a professional basketball player, master’s candidate, self-taught musician, producer and political refugee. Known as “black bile” in Arabic, “melancholy” in Portuguese and ‘love” in Turkish, Sevdaliza is simply extraordinary,

Describing her own music as pure and raw, Sevdaliza’s sound is no ordinary feat. Her complex videos, eerie music and paced vocals captivate listeners and take them into another world unexplored. Her atmospheric music is packed with themes of transformation and identity, with beats and lyrics as ambiguous and magical as they come. Working with her Dutch producer, she’s crafted music hypnotically with emotion and pain, leaving listeners in a daze.

Her album ISON is an expository album, baring personal issues and what’s real - heartbreak, weakness, wants and needs and conflicting roles. Not like ordinary pop, her album lists some of the most authentic and one of a kind tracks influenced from philosophy, politics and even the supernatural and magic. When asked about her music videos (which you have to see to believe), she claims she’s trying to bring human vulnerability to the table through images that are minimalist yet awe-inspiring.

If you haven’t seen the music video produced for Human, you’re missing out. Playing a hauntingly beautiful centaur, she explores fetishism of the female body and makes a comment on the male gaze. Her movements and wardrobe are significant of an independent and proud woman, possibly vocalizing her own perspective on her journey. My after thoughts? I was blown away.

Exploring the idea of motherhood as of recently, Sevdelizia’s stance on the female body and empowerment has strengthened. After taking part in a very raw and honest photo shoot with her own mother, she’s dedicated her journey to exploring the power of the female body through metaphor and magic.

You can expect this artist extraordinaire to stun you in the coming time with new music and videos that will take you into further realms of pure digital art and the concerns of daily life. One-of-a-kind, genuine and a work of art, Sevdaliza has no competition in how she changed pop music– she is simply unique.