BAKAR: Mixing Genres

BAKAR: Mixing Genres

Having been a lifelong hip-hop fan, at 14, Bakar experienced his musical awakening when his mum sent him to boarding school in Surrey for being a rowdy, out-of-control kid. At boarding school, Bakar discovered indie bands, mix-CDs, and the nu-rave era. From then on, it was all new, and it was all different.

Growing up in an era when the Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party and The Red Hot Chili Peppers were big, Bakar’s musical influences range from one end of the spectrum to the other. Bakar put his first song on Soundcloud anonymously in 2016. Fast forwarding to today, he aims to change the narrative of black musicians in the country.

Having set his expectations and goals really high, Bakar is looking to make waves in the London music scene with his band and members Kwamz (drums), Jack (guitar), Kieran (guitar and Lones (keyboard and bass). Having driven crows wild and sold out various shows, the boys and Bakar are alternatives to the mainstream music that’s dominating the scene right now.

All about the fast paced life and the rush, Bakar loves working under pressure and testing his limits to make music that resonates over continents of listeners. As of today, Bakar is now on the lips of esteemed artists like Elton John and even Skepta.

A fire-starter, rebel and not one to be messed with, Bakar – and his boys – are definitely worth the time!