The Chronicles of Ambition

The Chronicles of Ambition

A 17 year old Grace Carter Tweeted in 2015 that she’s going to be at the Brits one day, and she knows it’ll happen. This year, the 21 year old artist posed on the red carpet in a stunning long coat at the awards after signing with the management company that manages Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey.

Today, this Brighton raised artist’s music is becoming known for its vulnerability, strength and the journey an angry child had. Carter began her journey into the world of music at 13, thanks to her step father who introduced her to the guitar and writing. She used music to  bare her feelings of confusion and frustration, and how a life with a single mother had its peaks and lows.

Carter’s debut EP titled “Saving Grace” explores the spectrum of emotions felt universally; from love, reverence for family, anger and other emotions which fans can resonate with. Her sharp R&B beats are gaining repute, and a frequent Beyoncé’ collaborator Mike Dean, helped to produce “Ashes”, Grace’s ode to her mother.

Another soul searing track “Why her Not Me” exposes the fragility of being a child deprived of paternal attention and love, making it a wildfire for starting conversation about family, relationships and the effects they have on us.

For now, we’re still with Grace as she sings chapter on her past life. We’re waiting to hear more – and eagerly!