Some Breakups Are Worth It: Loving Solo Dijon

Some Breakups Are Worth It: Loving Solo Dijon

Having previously been part of the duo Abhi//Dijon, 26-year-old Dijon moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and took the R&B world by a storm releasing solo music throughout 2017 and 2018. Personal, organic, intimate and so polished, solo Dijon is definitely here to make waves.

He takes inspiration from traditional folk music, and with interests lying in the appropriation of these old symbols, ideas, and mythologies, he’s brought a new take on minority music. His youthful spirit and modern edge as seen – or rather, heard – in “Skin” and “Nico’s Red truck” is a novel approach to American music.

As a teenager, he experimented with rudimentary choppy beats, and today, he’s grown into a man embracing his life for what it is and acknowledging emotions that he’s been feeling for a while. His new tracks unabashedly express homesickness and the hurt of losing a long term romance, and using his art of storytelling and smooth vocals, Dijon’s sound evokes a sense of nostalgia and empathy.

With his solo music, he’s out to interrogate the suburban and modern life discourse, questioning whatever he grew up with and using self-examination as one of the tools to conjure up lyrics with. With heavily cultured experiences and as the child of people of color, Dijon’s melodies are an outlet to process life’s challenges that he felt, faces, and sees.

His passion for songwriting had always been alive, even throughout his 9 to 5 job at a diner, and as of today, his music is compared to the likes of Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean - some really, really big names in the industry. With eccentric personal views about aliens and the myths he grew up with, Dijon is all about different perspectives – no blacks and whites.

Super cool, exciting and full of suspense, Dijon’s journey is going be a great one – and we’re in for the ride!