Not “Just” Kelsey

Not “Just” Kelsey

Classically trained cellist and vocalist, Kelsey Ly, was born in North Carolina, and as a baby, was always soothed with a song. Her parents were musicians, so it’s safe to say that Kelsey Lu always had music in her bones. Her father was a percussionist in a jazz and funk band, and her mother was a pianist. 

Kelsey’s musical journey really began when she packed her cello and enrolled in the North Carolina School of the Arts. Experimenting with different writing styles, vocals, and even hip hop, Kelsey Lu began to use the loop pedal to merge her cello with her intense vocals, getting closer to her signature sound.

Hailed as one of the most immersive performance artists, Kelsey Lu’s collaborated with Blood Orange, Florence + The machine, Solange, Chairlift and even Tinie Tempah. 

Her own sound? That’s a meditation of love, loss, and identity, punctuated with clear lyrics, the cello, and dreamlike melody. All of this is accompanied by a stunning video shot on a deserted road in Joshua Tree – a mesmerizing experience for the senses.

Kelsey Ly seamlessly merges modern day orchestral art pop, R&B, and acoustic sounds. No wonder fans are comparing her with Bjork and Kate Bush. But Kelsey Lu can’t be compared. Her sound is unique, as is her life!

Kelsey Lu’s work speaks for itself, and I can’t wait for more of what this girl’s got in store!